Anniversary Bells

Celebrate any anniversary with a custom cast bronze bell. It is the perfect gift that will become a family heirloom. Personalize your bell at the rim with lettering, dates, a heart, the Christian cross of marriage, marriage rings.

The eighth wedding anniversary is the bronze anniversary.

The above bell has a heart at the rim along with custom lettering.

Above is detail of a Christian cross of marriage at the rim of a bronze bell. As an option, have us tool two simple intertwined wedding rings without the cross.


Custom Bell design ideas:

Names with an icon between the names:  JOHN (heart icon) MARY

Sir name and a date: JOHNSON (wedding rings) 11/11/2010

A sentiment that is important to you:  TOGETHER FOREVER IN LOVE

Or a simple statement:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 11/11/2010

A favorite lyric with musical notes icon:

There are as many ideas as there are happy couples, so be creative and have fun. Any questions or special tooling requests please email   Lettered bells are custom cast, please allow 6 - 10 weeks for delivery.  Unlettered bells are in stock and can be shipped immediately.  Custom lettered bells must be prepaid.

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Custom cast anniversary bronze bell M306 with music notes
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