Anniversary Bells

The Eighth wedding anniversary is the bronze anniversary, consider the gift of a pure bronze bell.  Celebrating any anniversary with a custom bronze bell is the perfect gift, that will last for generations. Personalize your bell with lettering, dates, a heart, the Christian cross of marriage, marriage rings or contact us about other special tooling ideas for a special wedding or anniversary bell.

The above bell has a heart at the rim along with custom lettering.

Above is detail of a Christian cross of marriage at the rim of a bronze bell. As an option, have us tool two simple intertwined wedding rings sans the cross.


Bell design ideas:

Names with an icon between the names:  JOHN (heart icon) MARY

Sir name and a date: JOHNSON (wedding rings) 11/11/2010

A sentiment that is important to you:  TOGETHER FOREVER IN LOVE

Or a simple statement:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 11/11/2010

A favorite lyric with musical notes icon:

There are as many ideas as there are happy couples, so be creative and have fun.  Any questions or special tooling requests please email or give us a call at 207-782-1885.  Lettered bells are custom cast, please allow 6 - 10 weeks for delivery.  Unlettered bells are in stock and can be shipped immediately.  Custom lettered bells must be prepaid.

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Ship, Heirloom & Anniversary Bells  Lettered or plain
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