On to the Furnace ...

The furnace where the bronze is melted The furnace is heated! The furnace will heat the pot containing the bell bronze to over 1650 degrees Fahrenheit (900-1000 degrees Centigrade) !
The pot is picked up after it reaches temperature and the bell makers prepare to pour the melted bronze into the dies. The boxes you see in the foreground are the 2 pieces, internal and external cores are locked together. Each "box" will make one bell. Bell makers prepare to pour the melted bronze into the bell dies
Melted bronze poured into the dies The bronze is poured into the dies. The melasse is burning with blue flames. The bells are left to cool.
After they have cooled sufficiently, the sand die is now torn apart and the remaining sand is removed from the bell. The ingots are removed and the bell blank is completed. It sure doesn't look like much yet! Now we are finally ready for finishing, which consists of turning, grinding and buffing the bell. The bell ingots are removed from the dies

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