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All of our bells are hand cast from pure bell bronze and have a beautiful musical tone.  As you may know, digitalizing sound over the Internet can narrow the sound and tends to exaggerate certain frequencies. Our master bell maker would like you to know that the sounds you hear here are affected by this phenomenon, as well as the quality of the speakers on your computer system.  

The files may take a few seconds to download, so please click on the link again after it has loaded for best quality.  In some browsers you must physically click the play button on your sound software to hear the bell.

Click to hear M304 bell's song!

The M304 Bronze Farm Bell has a 3 1/8 " diameter and includes a bracket.  Very pretty, sweet sounding bell.    Order Now!

Click to hear M305 bell's song!  

The M305 Bronze Ships Bell has a 4" diameter at the rim and includes a bracket.        Order Now!
Perfect for a door bell for a home or cabin, nice for a small boat or to call everyone for dinner.

Click to hear M306/M307 bell's song!

The M306 Farm Bell and the M307 Hand Bells are 4 3/4" diameter at the rim.  The Farm Bell includes a bracket.  Both these bells can be cast with lettering around the outside rim.  Order Now!

A timeless anniversary or wedding gift with the Cross of Marriage along with the bride and grooms names and special date cast in bronze.  To see it click here.

Click to hear M16 bell's song! 

M16 5 rings in succession MP3

The M16 is the smallest of our heirloom bells.  It has a  5 1/2 inch diameter at the rim.  This bell, and all our heirloom bells, can be personalized with any lettering.     Order Now!
Perfect to commemorate your home or bar!  Swim teams buy this bell and our hand bells to ring during swim meets. Nice size for a fire truck type bell as well.

Click to hear M17 bell's song!

M17 5 rings in succession MP3

The M17 is the next size heirloom bell, it is a 7 1/2" at the rim. Shown here with our optional mermaid bracket. Can be personalized with lettering around the rim  Order Now!

This bell is perfect for an award, group retirement gift, to commemorate your home or to call the kids home from the neighbors.  
Click to hear M18 bell's song!

Our M18 bell is 8 3/4" diameter weighing 12.1 pounds. The M18 meets USCG regulations for vessels of 12 to 20 meters.   Order Now!

Commemorate your yacht, use to ring in sales for your business, celebrate a special event or call the kids home from across the neighborhood.
Click to hear M19 bell's song!

Our M19 is an impressive 11 3/4" heirloom bell weighing in at 26 1/2 pounds. The M19 meets USCG regulations for vessels over 20 meters.    Order Now!

This bell is a beautiful choice to commemorate a yacht or your special home.  A grooms gift to his bride that is truly "cast in bronze."  


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