Swedish Clock Mora style hand painted clocks

Hand painted  Swedish folk art clocks - Mora style - Wall Table Mantel Clocks

Swedish style folk art is whimsical, colorful and flowing. Flowers, vines, spirals and leaves (known as kurbits) are a common theme. There is a rekindled interest in this art form - both for antiques and newly produced items. Our hand painted Swedish folk art Mora-style clocks honor this art.  

Each clock is individually built in our workshop from 3/4 inch solid pine and then hand painted in the traditional way using colors and designs from the folklore regions of Sweden. Each clock is lovingly constructed by our Maine artisans and hand painted by Maine artists.



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Wall, Mantle or table clock dimensions:  Over all 11x11 inches. Square face 10 x 10 inches.  Top to bottom is 11 inches, depth at top and base is 3 inches, 1 3/4 inches at sides.  Clock face itself has a 6 inch diameter.

$95 USD

Folk Daisy



This style of Folk Art painting is known as “Rosnaling” which means "decorative painting" in Swedish. The name is similar to the Norwegian “Rosemaling”, but the techniques are very different - each with its own unique characteristics. The Swedish art form has its roots in the Dalarna, Halsingland and Harjedalen regions in central Sweden. 

During the 1700s and into the middle 1800s, this art form was developed and reached its height of popularity.  Mainly a cottage industry, Scandinavian carpenters and woodcarving artists would construct wooden furniture, armoires, chests and clocks. Next, the artist – many times families, or groups of women - would paint them in their individual signature styles.  Our hand painted wooden Mora-style clocks capture the feeling and tradition of this great period.


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