Custom Bronze Bells - Special Applications and personalized tooling

The joyful M16 size bell above was given to a treasured music teacher when our customer's son graduated from High School.

Pictured above is an oxidized M19.5 bell which is part of this large welcoming entrance sign in Texas. M19.5 model bell has a 14 inch diameter at the rim, weighs  44.1 lbs and is 13 1/2  inches high

This M19.5 size bell (above will be part of a memorial for a fallen fire fighter.  It has lettering at the rim, and the fire fighters patch on the face of the bell.  Please email your art to us for a quote on putting your art, logo or patch on the face of a bell.

This excellent hanging carriage (above)  was fashioned by a customer for their 19.5 model bell. This polished bell has been custom cast with lettering at the rim.  


At left is a bell that was commissioned with a family symbol incorporated onto the rim of a bell. Simply email us with your idea or an image file of your art and we can provide a quote for the special tooling.  If you know which size bell you are interested in, we can provide a quote for the entire project at once.

This is the 1976 Montreal Olympics bell. It is an M19 model bell which was first cast, then oxidized and engraved on its face. We can oxidize or polish a bell at your discretion.  An oxidized  bell gives a deep bronzy gray color, and does not have to be maintained with future polishing to maintain it's luster. Both polished or oxidized bells may be personalized with letters at the rim. 

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These 2 m19.5 size bells (left) are hanging in a reproduction church in the historic Jamestown settlement Virginia. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II walked under these bells on May 4th 2008 during her state visit to Jamestown. The bells are oxidized to look old and also withstand the elements.

M19 bell and gorgeous customer made stand used for Fire Fighter "final alarm" tributes.

Two ships bells from WWII sunken British Navy war vessels were recovered from the Norwegian fjord "Namsos", but the third bell from the HMS Rutlandshire is still missing and had to be replaced. We cast the middle bell, which was generously donated to the museum by our customer. You can see it displayed here with the other 2 original bells.

This custom cast fire bell is installed on a bumper bracket, and graces the front courtyard of the Sierra Vista Fire Department.
Please Email - we are happy to discuss any custom tooling you would like to design for your bell. Please email black and white art of any custom logo or design you are thinking about for your bell.

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