Custom commemorative Bronze Plaques dedication plaques, fire stations awards, parks, gardens or landmarks

Custom Bronze Plaques

Bronze plaques are beautiful, durable and will last for generations. Perfect to use for  for commemorations, memorials, landmarks, fire stations and buildings, land and conservation trusts, town parks and gardens.

Like our bells, the pure bronze plaques are sand cast and made by hand using traditional bronze casting methods.

16 x 20 inch commemorative Land Trust plaque - oxidized
16 x 20 inch commemorative Land Trust plaque - oxidized
9x11 plaque mounted by our customer onto polished walnut from his farm
9x11  bronze patina plaque. This plaque is mounted by our customer onto a piece of black walnut from his farm
9x3  bronze patina plaque.
9x11 oxidized plaque with polished letters
16 x 20 inch commemorative Land Trust plaque
16 x 20 inch commemorative Land Trust plaque - oxidized
Differences in color are due to the photographs being taken in different lighting, venues and times of day.


The plaques above are examples of our standard sand cast pure bronze plaques. Lettering is in upper case. We can use different letter sizes to add interest or emphasis.

If desired, your plaque can either be drilled (screw holes) or have pegs on the back for mounting in wet concrete. The patina can be bronze or we can oxidize your plaque. Letters on oxidized plaques can be left, or polished on the top.

Plaque thickness is about 10mm (3/8).  For example, a 24 x 36 plaque will weigh over 100 pounds.



To receive a quote for a bronze plaque, please email with your desired lettering, size and proposed layout placement. A black and white .pdf file attached to an email is perfect.


  • Size of plaque

  • Finish: untreated bronze or oxidized finish

  • Attachment: Screw holes drilled, or small hidden posts on the back if you are going to mount the plaque in concrete.


Below is example ballpark pricing for a simple pure bronze sand cast plaque with upper case lettering as pictured above.  

6x9, 9x11 Bronze Plaque with up to 30 Letters  $539.00
6x15 Bronze Plaque with up to 30 Letters $579.00
6x15 Bronze Plaque with up to 70 Letters $676.00
12x14 Bronze Plaque with up to 100 Letters $1696.00
Using your art:  We can also cast a custom made polished bronze plaque using your art.  The plaque to the right  is mounted as part of a commemoration statue at a school. This plaque is oxidized, with the letter tops polished.  If you have a custom plaque idea, email for a quote.  Please include the size of the plaque, and your layout and art in black and white .pdf file.

At the right is an example of  bronze plaques which have been oxidized, then the tops of the letters are polished. This letter style (font)  is special order, we  have a model made with the letters in your plaque and then cast in sand from it.


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