Bronze Ships Bells ~ mermaid bracket and nautical accessories for your boat or home!
Bronze Ships Bells ~ mermaid bracket and nautical accessories for your boat or home!
Below, we have chosen a selection of our favorite nautical bells and accessories ...

The M18 is a 8 3/4"  hand cast bronze ships bell weighing in at 12.1 lbs.  If you require a regulation ships bell, the M18 meets Coast Guard ( USCG ) regulations for vessels of 12 to 20 meters.

Mermaid Bell bracket best with our M17 and M18 size bells, made of pure bronze and hand tooled

Bronze mermaid bracket shown with M18 size ships bell

Mermaid Bracket:(see details)

Here is our M18 size bell (8 3/4 inch at diameter, & over 12 pounds.)  It is shown mounted with the mermaid bracket.


M19 size ships bell shown with M19BR bronze bell bracket.  This bell is lettered (see below).

Shown left is the M19 size ships bell mounted with the M19BR bronze bracket.  The M19 is a 11 3/4" (diameter at rim) bell that weighs in at 26.5 pounds. (See dimensional sketch).

 The M19 model meets Coast Guard regulations for vessels over 20 meters. The M18 and M19 bells meet USCG regulations for vessels 12 - 20 meters.


You can add an anchor icon to the rim of your bell
Both the M18 and M19 bells can be lettered when they are cast.  This is not engraving, but the letters are raised as they are cast as part of the bell when it is poured!  An excellent way to commemorate your  own boat, or a Naval career.  We have cast many bells for US Navy and USCG ships. A custom bronze ships bell is a perfect retirement gift.  See the order form for pricing details for custom lettering your bell.
At left is an M18 size bell. Unlettered bells are kept in stock for immediate shipment. Lettered bells must be pre-paid. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery of your custom cast lettered bell.


US Coast Guard Bell Regulations:

  • The M18 and M19 bells are USCG compliant for vessels 12 to 20 meters in length. 
  • The m19 meets USCG regulations for vessels over 20 meters.


This beautiful bell (right) is an M18 ships bell on a large yacht hailing from Australia.


Bronze 4" Ships Bell M305:  

This is just a nice little bell for the person who loves the sea or things with a nautical theme. A ships wheel is cast into this bronze bell when it is poured.  Bracket is included.  


M305 Ships Wheel bronze bell, bracket included

Hurricane Candlesticks:  

Made of high quality brass. Some parts are turned out from a solid bar of brass. Candle holding part swivels so that it can sit on a tabletop or be hung on a wall. Named for the fact that the candle stays upright (swivels) even in a rolling sea.

Dimensions: 135mm (5.3") high x 120mm (4.7") wide at base.


Differences in color are due to the photographs being taken in different lighting, venues and times. These bells are all made from pure polished bell bronze.  

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