Bell Brackets

M301:  Polished bronze bracket for M16 - M18 size (5 1/5" to 9" bells). Nut on the end is threaded to install/remove bell. Threaded post has 1/2 inch diameter, arm comes out from wall 6 inches when installed. Base of bracket is 7.5 cm x 4.5-5 cm.  Price $85.00
M301:  Quantity:
M301/2pc: 2 piece bracket for the M16-M18 bells. Base (wall side) and Arm are two separate pieces. Move your bell around easily by sliding arm out of base. Base of bracket is 7.5 cm x 4.5-5 cm. Price $125.00
M301/2pc: Quantity:
  Extra Base:  Base (wall side) only of the two piece bracket.  Combine with M301/2 above to move bell between two separate locations easily. Base of bracket is 7.5 cm x 4.5-5 cm. Price $55.00
Base Only:  Quantity:
M1 Mermaid Bracket: Hand cast polished bronze mermaid bracket. Looks best with M17 and M18 size bells.  see larger picture and dimensions here.  Order with a custom M17 or M18 bell.  Price $179.00
M1:  Quantity:
M19BR:  Polished bronze bracket for our M19 size bell.  Nut on end is threaded to install/remove bell. Post comes out from wall 9 3/4 inches (10" with nut), circular base has 5" diameter and 3 screw holes.  Threaded post is sized to hold a bell with 3/4" hole. Weight 6 1/4 lbs. Price $235.00
M19BR:  Quantity:
M19.5BR:  Wrought Iron bracket for the M19.5 or M19 size bell. This bracket is designed specially to hold the weight of our M19.5 size 14.2", 44 pound bell. Flat base attaches to post or studded wall with four screws.  Attachment arm extends out 12 inches and has a decorative brace.  Black in color.   See larger picture. Price $569.00
M19.5BR: Quantity:

If you are ordering an heirloom bell, choose your bracket when you order your bell.  Shipping of the bracket is included when you order a bracket along with a bronze heirloom bell. 

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