Personalized Bronze Custom Cast Firehouse Bells, Fire Truck Bells, Department Retirement Tributes, Memorial Bells and Plaques.


We can create a custom cast bronze fire house or fire truck bell for you, your fire company or a special firefighter.  Our bronze bells can be personalized when they are cast with special lettering and logos.  Commemorate an event, special award, memorial or retirement. Perfect for a fire house or special event tribute. In sand casting,  the larger the bell, the more detail is possible on the face of a bell.

Have the traditional Fire Fighters emblem (shown right on an M19 size bell and above on a model M19.5) added to the face of your bell for $225.  Emblem will have a plain center.  You can have letters or a number tooled at the middle of the badge (about $95 additional).  For custom tooling on the face of your bell (like the Allentown Patch at the bottom of this webpage), please email your art to us and we will send you a custom tooling quote.

M19 with Firefighters Badge:  11 3/4 inch bell, 26 pounds.
To Our Fallen Brothers   9-11-01   An M19 sized bronze memorial (11 3/5 inch, 26.5 pounds)

The above bell was installed into a larger memorial by a Fire Department in Texas.  "To Our Fallen Brothers   9-11-01"  It is an M19 size bell (11 3/4" and 26.5 pounds) with personalized lettering around the bottom rim.   This M17 size bell is part of the Honor Roll commemoration plaque for the Bemiss Barretts VFD. The plaque honors members of the department who have passed away. An M17 has a 7 1/2"  rim diameter and weighs 8.8 pounds. On it's face is a Maltese cross with a solid center.

You can have the Firefighters Maltese Cross cast into your bell at the rim as well ($35 custom tooling).  A combination of custom lettering and the Maltese Cross makes for a special and lasting heirloom bell.

The above bell is an m19 size bell to be used at "last alarms" and other firehouse ceremonies. The beautiful stand was constructed especially for the bell by firefighter Ryan Lavigne  
We used the actual FD patch to make the hand tooled die to create the custom bronze bell on your left. M17, with custom tooling on the bell face and personalized letters around the bell rim
Shown above is an M17 size bell (71/2", 8.8 lbs) with custom tooling on the bell face and personalized letters around the bell rim.  We used the actual FD woven patch to make the hand tooled die to create the custom bronze bell above.
As seen above, we can custom craft bells using your art or logo.  Our bell shop does not digitally render images - but hand tools each one so they are exceptionally unique and special.  A custom logo will  generally take a bit longer than a lettered-only bell, but is worth the wait.  Please contact us via phone or email for a quote on your custom design.  For an exact quote, please email your art work and the size bell you are considering.  Pricing for special tooling is generally between $125 and $425 depending on the intricacy of the art.  

A bell with simple lettering around the outside rim (no custom art) can be crafted in 6-10 weeks and does not require a special quote.  We also have an inventory of blank (unlettered) bronze bells in stock that can be shipped to you immediately.  All bells can be ordered online.


Shown above is an M18 size bell (8 3/4" diameter, weight 12.1 lbs) with custom tooling on the bell face and personalized letters around the bell rim. 

Shown above is an M19 size (11 3/4" diameter, weight 26.5 lbs) custom designed Memorial bell.
Fire House bells: directly above, both bells are examples of the M19.5 size bell (14.17" at rim, 44lb). Note the special tooling is cast on a different face depending on how the bell will ultimately be hung.

All bells are cast from pure bell bronze. The finish is polished bronze. Any variation in color in the photos is due to the lighting in which the bell photo was taken. Bells which only have lettering at the rim, may also be custom ordered with an oxidized grey finish.


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