Hand-cast custom bronze bells:

Overview of the Casting Process...

Brass origins or models with letters glued on The "origin" or model is prepared with the letters glued on. The origin model is made of brass and is simply a positive model which makes the impressions in the sand mold in which the pure bell bronze will later be poured. It is not part of the final bell. 2 sand molds (dies) will be prepared, one for the outside of the bell, and one for the inside (internal core).
The "origin" is placed on a flat tray and a mold frame is placed over it. Sand will be packed to form the outer shape and include any custom lettering desired. To prepare the outside die, the "origin" is placed in the bottom of a die frame (pictured right) into which the sand will be poured. On the lettered portion, a finer powder is poured to help form the clear perfect lettering. The origin is prepared for making the die(s)
Packing the origin in sand The die is turned upside down so that the underside of the bell origin, or model is now upwards. Sand is mixed with a binding agent (called Melasse) and packed around the bell forming the mold for the outside of your bell. Next, the die for the internal core (the inside of the bell) is prepared. The mold is turned upside down and the internal core frame is attached and then the sand mixture poured inside the origin. The loop for hammer (clapper) attachment is also made at this time.
After a time, the die is taken apart, and the model (brass origin) removed. Above is a picture of the die that will form the outside of the bell (the origin is still in place here). To the right is a picture of the internal core portion of the die after the two sides (inside and outside) are separated. It is made of sand! The two parts of the die are put aside for a few days to harden before casting begins. before casting, the two dies will be locked together and then it's on to the furnace! The internal core
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