Hand Cast Custom Bronze Bells, personalized bells for  Ship, Estate and Firehouse to commemorate and honor special people places and occasions.


Custom Bronze Bells ~ personalized lettered bells for Ship, Estate, Birth of a Child, Anniversary, Wedding, Retirement, Memorials, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, USCG, Military & Firehouse

Hand Cast Custom Bronze Bells, personalized bells for Ship, Estate and Firehouse to commemorate and honor special people places and occasions.


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Enjoy giving or owning a bronze hand cast heirloom bell. Each bell is hand made using age old traditional methods and materials that trace back for centuries. The family bell casting shop is located in a tiny village in the Darlana Folklore district of Sweden  a region long famous for its bronze casting and wrought iron mastery.

Each bell is individually sand-cast using techniques developed over centuries of practicing the master bell-makers art. The molds used in traditional bronze bell casting are only used one time, and new molds must be made for each bell. As a result, each bell is truly unique. After the rough cast bell has cooled, the long process of finishing and polishing begins.

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Top above is an example of the Model M19 size polished bronze bell. A Finely polished bronze bell, 11 3/4" rim diameter, 26.5 pounds with custom lettering at the rim.  At the left is a lettered M18 size bell, 8 3/4" diameter, 12.1 pounds.
Your custom lettering is cast into the bell when it is made.  Design your own spacing, centering and placement, or allow us to determine the best placement for you.  You can choose special icons to be cast into the rim of your bell, such as the Maltese Firefighters. Adding a simple heart, or a marriage cross icon and your bell is the perfect Wedding or Anniversary gift ~ an unforgettable heirloom. 

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Special icons: The bell in the top photo has a Maltese firefighters' cross at the rim, the bottom example has a simple heart.
The shape, the weight and the alloy used to make a bell are the factors that determine the "voice" of a bell. Our bells unite the perfect combination of these factors so that the bells produce the clearest and purest tones. A "proper" bell.
Only the finest bell bronze alloys are used in these custom made bells. Brass alloys, while cheaper to use in bell-making, are not used in these high quality bells because they do not produce the pure musical tones of genuine bell bronze.  Click here for more information about the difference between bronze and brass.
The bell at the left is our small heirloom bell, the model M16 size bell. It has a 5 1/2" diameter at the rim and weighs 2.9 lbs. This bell hangs on a M301 bronze bracket. Its beautiful song can be heard as a door bell, or to call in the kids for supper.
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Pictured below is an M306 (4 3/4") bronze Farm Bell cast with a simple Christian cross along with the custom lettering at its rim. This is the smallest bell we cast with custom lettering. It includes the pictured bracket.
We can also custom craft bells using your art or logo.  Our bell shop does not digitally render images - but hand tools each one so they are exceptionally unique and special.  A custom logo will  generally take a bit longer to make than a lettered-only bell. Please contact us for a quote on your custom design.  Email a black and white file of your art work and the size bell you are considering for advisce and a quote of tooling on the face of your bell.  A vector file and a simple design (not too layered) are best in sand casting.

Pricing for special tooling a model and finishing on the face of a bell is generally between $225 and $425 depending on the intricacy of the art.  The larger the bell, the better the detail can be rendered on the face of a bell in a sand casting.  

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Fire Fighters Maltese Cross traditional badge on face of lettered bell.  This is an M19 size bell

Anaheim Firefighters Bell, this is an m19 size bell. Click to see more firehouse bells M306 size bell cast with musical notes for a beloved high school music director as a thank you gift.

We think you will love these bells as much as we do.  Each bell is an individual work of art.

This beautiful bronze bell is one of our favorite examples of a bell with custom tooling on its face. It is an M19 size bell (11 3/4 inches) that lives on a customer's farm in Pennsylvania. The lettering at the rim also includes simple Christian crosses along with custom letters; MILK HOUSE CHAPEL.
This beautiful bronze bell is another one of our favorites. It is an M19 size bell cast with the Chamberlain University logo on its face. Send us a black and white (preferably vector) file of your art and we can recreate your logo too. Simple designs will yield the best result in sand castings.


This beautiful bronze bell is an M19 size bell. The customer who purchased this 11 3/4" bell designed it with the custom tooling of a campfire on the face and presented it as a special housewarming gift. 



This gorgeous M19 makes us proud. It is custom cast for our U.S. Marine Aircraft Group (MAG-12). USMC

M19.5 model bell (14" diameter, weight 44.1 lbs)
Our customer designed this beautiful M18 model bell (8 3/4" diameter at rim, 12.1 lbs) to be custom cast in honor of  a cherished friend.

We designed this impressive M19.5 model bell (14" diameter, weight 44.1 lbs) together with Thornhill Volunteer Fire Department in BC Canada. Lovely and substantial.

Our customer celebrated an important wedding anniversary with this special M17 model bell (7 1/2" diameter, weight 8.8 lbs).  The intertwined wedding ring icon can be cast on the rim of your bell for an extra special touch. This hefty M18 model bell (8 3/4" diameter at rim, 12.1 lbs) is installed as a ships bell on the owner's carefully restored antique yacht.  It has an anchor icon cast at the rim along with the vessels name and its original build year.
Differences in color are due to the photographs being taken in different lighting, venues and times of day. These bells are all made from pure bell bronze.


Our Mermaid Bell Bracket is a unique work of art.  This bracket fits our M17 and M18 heirloom bells.  Click picture at right for more details.

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M18 8 3/4 inch bronze bell (unlettered) with mermaid bracket.

Family operated since 1994

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We recommend simple periodic maintenance for your custom cast bronze bell. Click here for some advice on how to care for your bell over time.

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