Bronze Hand Bells:


The perfect Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday or Retirement gift.

Model M307 Large Hand Bell:  Lettered or unlettered.

Our popular 4 3/4" (120mm)  (weight 2 lbs.) bell is now available in a hand bell.  This hand bell, or table bell as it is known in Scandinavia, can be personalized with lettering around the rim!  This is not engraving, the raised letters are cast into the bell when it is poured.  

This is a nice bell...  Great gift for birth, teacher, retirement, wedding, reunion,  anniversary... or just because!

The Eighth anniversary is the bronze anniversary. Consider a bronze bell for your sweetie to celebrate this or any anniversary!

Bronze Hand Bell with lettering around outside rim - great wedding gifts!

Each hand bell is individually hand cast in sand, just like the Custom Heirloom Bells we offer. They are cast by the same master bell maker from pure bell bronze and have an exquisitely beautiful song.

$155 for an unlettered hand bell, if you would like it lettered, add personalization charges below to the $155 base price.

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Lettering Prices Lettering with the Christian Marriage Symbol
Bell Model Up to 10 letters add Up to 15 letters add Up to 20 letters add Up to 25 letters add
M306, M307 $80 $95 $115 $145
Special Icons:  Christian Marriage Symbol (above) or Firemen's Maltese Cross, Simple Christian Cross:  Add $35  
M107 Ring in the new year, or any special occasion with this bronze hand bell School Bell

M107 Medium Bronze Hand Bell: 3 3/4" diameter at rim, large wooden handle.  7 3/4" overall height (with handle)  3" to top of bell. This lovely simple school bell has a nice big handle and a sweet pure sound.  $99   Sorry, this bell cannot be personalized.

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