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A custom bell is an heirloom forever . . .

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 BRONZE BELLS Model # Bell Size and weight Price Blank Bell (USD$)
M16 blank M16 5 1/2 inch diameter at base, 2.9 lbs. $ 349.00
  M17 7 1/2 inch diameter at base, 8.8 lbs. $ 459.00
  M18 8 3/4 inch diameter at base, 12.1 lbs. $ 549.00
  M19 11 3/4 inch diameter at base, 26.5 lbs.  See a dimensional drawing. $ 949.00

M19.5 14.2 inch diameter at base, 44.1 lbs.  See dimensional drawing.  For our wrought iron bracket and  lettering prices see below. Hanging carriage in picture at left  was fashioned by a customer for their 19.5 model bell. $2059.00
Add personalization prices (below after bracket section) to base bell price if custom lettering is desired.
 Brackets    Brackets Price Brackets
M301 bracket M301 Polished bronze bracket for M16 - M18. Nut on the end is threaded to install/remove bell. Threaded post has 1/2 inch diameter $ 60.00
M301/ 2 piece 2 piece bracket for the M16-M18 bells. Base (wall side) and Arm are two separate pieces. Move your bell around easily by sliding arm out of base.

$ 90.00


M301/2 pc, base only Extra Base:  Base (wall side) only of the two piece bracket.  Combine with M301/2 above to move bell between two separate locations easily. $ 45.00

M1 Mermaid Bracket Hand cast polished bronze mermaid bracket. Looks best with M17 and M18 size bells.  see larger picture and dimensions here. $150.00

M19 bell with M19BR bracket

M19BR Polished bronze bracket for our M19 size bell.  Nut on end is threaded to install/remove bell. Post comes out from wall 9 3/4 inches, circular base has 5" diameter and 3 screw holes.  Threaded post is sized to hold a bell with 3/4" hole. Weight 6 1/4 lbs. $ 195.00
M19.5BR Wrought Iron bracket for the M19.5 size bell.  This bracket is designed specially to hold the weight of our M19.5 size 14.2", 44 pound bell.  Flat 12 inch base attaches to post or studded wall with three screws.  Attachment arm extends out 12 inches and has a decorative brace.  Black in color.  See larger drawing. $ 525.00


Personalized Bell Options:
Personalization cost ~ letters cast in bronze when your bell is made.  Icons can also be added to rim:  Christian Cross add $15, Christian Marriage Cross, Fireman's Maltese Cross or Nautical Anchor (see more photos below) add $35. 
Bell Model Up to 10 letters Up to 15 letters Up to 20 letters Up to 25 letters Up to 30 letters Over
M306, M307, M16, M17, M18 $80 $95 $115 $145  

Add $6.00/letter to $145 base  (M17, M18 only)

M19 $95 $115 $145 $175 $215

Add $8/letter to $205 base.

M19.5 $210 $295 $385 $445 $525 Add $19.50 /letter to $525 base.
Personalization cost added to the unlettered (blank) bell price. Personalized bells must be pre-paid.  Include periods and dashes, but not spaces in your letter count.  Personalized (custom cast)  bells take 6-10  weeks for delivery. Non-personalized bells are available in stock for immediate delivery. Additional letters on m19 = $8/letter.  Additional letters on m19.5 = $19.50/letter. If the letters will not fit around the bell it is possible to have smaller letters, or arrange letters in two rows at the rim of the bell.

Custom Icons can be cast into your bronze bell.

Have the Christian Marriage Cross cast in your bell - an unforgettable heirloom.  We can also make the two inter-joining rings alone. The 8th anniversary is the "bronze anniversary". More ideas click here.

  Or a simple heart between name, dates or sentiments on your bell.  Add $35

Have a simple elegant Christian Cross custom cast into your bell.  Add $15

The Firefighters Maltese Cross, or an nautical anchor icon can be added to the rim of your custom cast bronze bell.  

Add $35. 


  For the music lover, an icon depicting musical notes can be added to the rim of your custom cast bronze bell.  

Add $35. 

Differences in color are due to the photographs being taken in different lighting at different times. These bells are all made from pure polished bell bronze.


Smaller hand cast bells:

We also have a selection of smaller bells that are individually hand cast in sand, just like the Custom Heirloom bells above. They are cast by the same master bell maker from pure bell bronze and have an exquisitely beautiful song. Bracket is included. M306 includes either a bracket or can be ordered as a hand bell (M306H Table Bell) with a wooden handle. 

M304 and M305 bells
M304 & M305
Hand Bell click for details
Model Description Price
M304 Small Farm Bell: 3 1/8" diameter at rim $ 59.00
M305 Ships Bell: Ships wheel cast into bell when it is poured. 4" diameter at rim $ 99.00
M306 Large Farm Bell: 4 3/4 " diameter at rim, includes bracket. Bracket measurements: Wall side base is  2 3/8 inch across and 2 1/8 inch up & down. Bracket arm comes out from wall 3 5/8 inch to center of phlange. Can also be personalized like the heirloom bells above.  Add personalization charge above to base price $149.00
M307 Hand Bell:  4 3/4" diameter at rim, wooden handle.  Can be personalized like the heirloom bells above.  Add personalization charge above to base price $149.00

Unlettered bells are in stock for immediate delivery - shipping below.  Custom Lettered Bells:  For regular UPS ground delivery in continental USA of lettered bells in 6 to 10 weeks - use pricing below. Pricing to HI/AK or other please inquire.

Model #

Standard Shipping via UPS Ground

M107, M304, M305 or & brackets if ordered alone


M306, m307 Bell $ 16.00

M16 Bell

$ 29.00

M17 Bell 

$ 34.00

M18 Bell

$ 42.00

M19 Bell

$ 63.00

M19.5 Bell $159.00
M20 (Ships via special carrier allow 6-10 weeks) price varies with destination


We have all sizes of un-lettered bells cast and in stock for immediate shipment.  ORDER ONLINE!!  

We generally have a few miss-lettered bells in stock at any given time.  They are finished and polished, with raised lettering. We can  generally let these go for a greatly reduced price. Some people want these for use in a bell tower or some application where the lettering is not important. Please call or email for info on sizes and prices.

Need a lettered bell for an event or can't decide on lettering?  Gift Certificates available - CALL (207) 782-1885,  Email or order online.  Write "GIFT CERTIFICATE" in the box where you would indicate lettering.

The section below applies to RUSH & DROP SHIP shipment of custom bells only...
M16 Bell:  RUSH Shipping $ 125.00 M18 Bell: RUSH Shipping  $150.00
M17 Bell:  RUSH Shipping $ 125.00 M19 Bell: RUSH Shipping  $185.00
If your require rush shipment of a custom bell, please include in comments on the order form that you want RUSH DROP SHIPPING from our bell shop in Sweden.  (custom cast lettered bells). There is sometimes a duty charge direct from US customs.  ORDER ONLINE   This is for rush orders only of custom made bells.  Please check with us for timing issues, at least 3 weeks will be required.

Unlettered bells are in stock in the USA and available for immediate shipment at regular shipping prices.  Lettered bells not requiring rush shipment come duty paid and at standard UPS ground or USPS costs.

Fill this out to leave a comment or receive a FREE BROCHURE and order form via snail mail. Or send an email to info@bronzebells.com.  

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